Using Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives to Drive Whole School Canvas Implementation

Video created by Administrator on Oct 16, 2018

    Presenter(s): Helmut Wirth Technology Support Officer Rutherford Technology High School

    Alice Walters Head Teacher Literacy and Numeracy Rutherford Technology High School

    Simone Hughes Deputy Principal Rutherford Technology High School



    How do we build teacher confidence in adopting a new technology in their classrooms? Without the confidence to use a LMS the uptake of it across classrooms school wide is limited. We tried a number of ways to increase teacher engagement with Canvas but we found our success through linking it to another whole school initiative. We would like to share how we used our whole school literacy and numeracy lessons on Canvas to engage and inspire our teachers to use Canvas in their classrooms. In this presentation we look at the journey from a number of teachers never even having logged into Canvas to all staff using Canvas on a regular basis. By doing so we increased student interaction with Canvas, teacher confidence and successfully implemented Canvas school wide – with the added bonus of increasing the explicit teaching of literacy and numeracy skills.