Harnessing the Hidden Side of Canvas

Video created by biray@instructure.com Administrator on Oct 16, 2018

    Presenters: Samantha Clarke, Education Innovation Guien Miao, Scholarly Teaching Fellow Rebecca Goldsworthy, Educational Designer (University of Sydney)

    Although the importance of the student-facing side of Canvas to the student learning experience is undeniable, the integration and use of “hidden/behind the scenes” features of Canvas can also enhance the student experience. This talk will showcase examples of innovative use of existing functions/capabilities of Canvas that have been deployed in the faculties of Engineering and Science at the University of Sydney. Content placed on a Canvas site that is left unpublished has been utilised to communicate a variety of vital information, from course coordinator to tutors and amongst tutors, such as tutorial plans and tips. Furthermore, “behind the scenes” html and third-party embeds have been utilised to enhance the design and navigation of Canvas pages and improve the student learning experience through formative, embedded interactive activities and collaboration opportunities. The successful and seamless integration of methods such as these examples provide Canvas teaching teams with new opportunities for academic innovation, collective intelligence and knowledge creation. "