The New Gradebook - Get More Out Of Your Results

Video created by Adam Ware Employee on Nov 22, 2018

    In November's Session, we will be focusing on "The New Gradebook - Get More Out of Your Results".


    At the moment, Canvas has two concurrent gradebooks available for use by your organisation. The new grade book is a beta feature that allows instructors to view an improved version of the Gradebook. This feature makes grading more flexible and intuitive and elevates the Gradebook user experience. Some of you will already be using the New Gradebook, and some of you will be on the Current Gradebook, which will be replaced by the New Gradebook in future (don't worry - you'll get plenty of notice!)


    No matter which version you're using, it can be handy to know what the functions are in the New Gradebook and how to best use it to make grading more efficient. We will be covering:

    • Filter functionality, allowing you to limit what you see in the gradebook
    • Sorting assignments and students
    • Assignment statuses, such as Late, Missing, and Excused Setting up late policies, allowing you to penalise students automatically
    • Entering grades into the Gradebook and more! 


    The session will be run by our Training and Engagement Consultant for APAC, Debbie Thompson and chaired by CSMs Ryo Sakai and Adam Ware


    Additional Resources for this webinar include: