Beyond Canvas Pages: Create Interactive Content That Will Wow Your Students

Video created by Administrator on Nov 20, 2018


    Maeve Daly Head of Instructional Design iheed

    Ger O'Sullivan Head of Engineering iheed


    Stuck in the rich content editor or struggling to create interactive content that looks as good as it is instructionally? Come and see how we’ve built highly engaging and interactive instructional content in Canvas.

    We’ll start with our approach to building interactive content, which is largely problem or case based, as well as what’s important to us from a user experience perspective. We’ll show content examples from a few years ago and where we are now, so that you can gauge your journey against ours and work out the skillsets you need to build rich content in Canvas.

    Finally, we’ll touch on the technology behind the scenes – how we use the Theme Editor, CSS and JS to achieve our fully responsive courses.