Blended Nano-Courses on Exponential Technologies

Video created by Administrator on Nov 20, 2018


    Dr. Mukul Kumar Chief Innovation Officer Hult International Business School


    Employers and educators alike agree that 21st century job profiles are changing rapidly. However, universities often lack the resources, expertise, and tools to engage students in emerging areas. In 2017, Hult created nano (short) courses addressing business implications of a range of emerging technologies - eg, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Blockchain, AI – to support the job-market relevance of graduates.

    Creating these nano-courses required re-inventing instructional design processes, using new data insights to optimize student engagement, and re-imagining the blend of real-time vs self-paced instruction. We augmented the LMS with a range of engagement tools and mechanisms for nudging the student workflow to deliver desired learning outcomes. This session will share insights and results from our learning journey and hope to identify collaborators for future experiments.