Canvas K-12 Study Hall: Canvas Unplugged

Video created by Quin Swallow Employee on Dec 31, 2018

    Screen time! It's becoming a big concern for parents, and professionals and experts are regularly advising grown-ups and youngsters to set time aside for putting-away devices and engaging with 'analog' activities and 'real life' people. 


    As much as we love that students are using Canvas, we don't want them to be glued to their keyboards and hypnotized by their screens. There is great value in speaking and listening, writing (on paper!), exercising, playing, singing, painting, sculpting, acting ... and all the other activities that bring life and engagement to education. 

    Today's Webinar will discuss concepts and methods for bridging the digital and real-world aspects of teaching and learning. Specifically, we'll cover:

    • Collecting and managing physical (i.e. paper) evidence of learning in Canvas
    • Strategies and classroom management techniques that teach students how to responsibly manage technology use and connect with the real world
    • How Canvas can support instructional activities in literacy and arts integration
    • Your thoughts and ideas on balancing digital and non-digital teaching and learning