Faculty Lounge 3/19: Quizzes.Next

Video created by qswallow@instructure.com Employee on Mar 20, 2019

    This edition of Faculty Lounge focuses on Quizzes.Next- Specifically:

    • Overview of Quizzes.Next: What it is, what it does, how to get it
    • Considerations (Things you should know about Quizzes.Next)
    • Demonstration of Quizzes.Next
    • Transitioning to Quizzes.Next
    • What’s Ahead
    • Questions and Answers: Common questions, and your own questions


    Follow-up information on topics touched-on during Webinar:

    • One-question-at-a-time / Stimulus questions:
      When this option is selected, questions are also displayed singly when a Stimulus reference item is being displayed. The stimulus content is simply displayed repeatedly for each question item.
    • Math formulas: Formula is a question type, and its functionality is described here:
      This may not, however, precisely address the question, as I suspect the intent was to make it possible for students to use mathematical symbols / notation in essay-type responses. It appears that currently, Quizzes.Next offers only basic text input as a question response option. Related to this, you will find a request for external tool compatibility mentioned in this post in the Quizzes.Next user group:
      LaTeX Student Responses in Quizzes.Next 
    • Is HTML editing possible in Quizzes.Next? What about the media recorder?
      Not yet ... You will find these features mentioned in FAQ: New Quizzes 
    • Will Quizzes.Next be built with API features?
      That question is addressed here.




    Additional Resources:

    Canvas Guides- Quizzes.Next

    User Group: New Quizzes 

    Ideas (Documents development in Canvas, including Quizzes.Next)

    FAQ: New Quizzes