Student Engagement With Canvas

Video created by Adam Ware Employee on Jul 27, 2019

    Student Engagement With Canvas - Part 1

    Student engagement is one of the key indicators for student success in their learning journey. Engagement strategies can include things like reciprocal teaching; feedback; teacher/student self-verbalisation; meta-cognition; goals; challenging; frequent checks on effects of teaching; acceleration; and mastery learning.


    At Instructure we believe that good technology helps teachers to create and execute learning activities that promote or reinforce student engagement, either in supporting what is already happening in the face-to-face classroom or by creating unique learning experiences in Canvas.


    In these webinars (yep, free upsell) we will discuss teaching strategies that foster or create student engagement and the Canvas tools that can be used to make it easy for teachers to get started today.


    Session 1:

    • Building student engagement and empowerment through the use of Canvas tools like SpeedGrader, Video and Audio interaction, Complete To-Do lists, Modules structure and Mastery Paths.
    • This webinar is tailored towards teachers/instructors looking to extend classroom connections to the digital learning space.
    • Whilst this topic towards industry roles such as K-12 teachers and RTO leaders, we do encourage all to attend.


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