How to design a truly blended learning experience

Video created by Ryo Sakai Employee on May 14, 2020

    As we are all aware, recent events have forced institutions, organisations and individuals to adopt even more digital practices. As educators, the pressure has been enormous to somehow continue delivering outcomes to students, in this new mode, without pause. In order to survive, the easiest thing has been to try and take what would have been done face to face and simply use Zoom to try and simulate that experience (and maybe send some PDFs to read beforehand).


    As the panic subsides, we can now look to what it actually means to design a truly blended learning experience. This means, regardless of what happens in the world, your educational offering has agility and flexibility. A truly blended experience takes a considered design and understanding of how humans learn.


    In this session we:

    • Explored the true definition of blended learning
    • Highlighted the opportunities that come from using a blended approach for ALL lessons, courses, units, competencies.
    • Explored the ways in which we design for knowledge, skills and attitude based learning outcomes
    • Explored the Canvas tools that support active, social and adaptive learning and why these are important. 


    This workshop will be facilitated by Oppida - A digital education agency working to raise the bar in online learning globally.


    Our presenters were:

    • Bianca Raby (CEO and Founder of Oppida)
    • Mat Darch (Senior Learning Consultant at Oppida)



    Slides - How to design a truly blended learning experience 

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