How to structure sound K-6 learning + best practices - K6 Webinar (Session 2)

Video created by Adam Ware Employee on Jun 21, 2020

    With the evolution of COVID19, we’ve seen education institutions scramble with great agility to create a digital learning space for all students. This is especially true with our youngest learners requiring a unique digital environment to learn, engagement and ultimately grow.


    But what does a good Canvas course look like for these students? What functionality and techniques can we use to create the best User Experience? What part should the parent play and how should we involve them through Canvas?

    The Canvas Customer Success team would like to invite you as we navigate these questions (plus much more). We’ve developed two sessions; One focusing on the functionality and tools within Canvas as well as an online discussion with learning experts who’ve devised and created successful learning strategies.


    How to structure sound K-6 learning + best practices

    This 60-minute discussion-based webinar will focus on K-6 best practices including:

    • Structuring a digital classroom,
    • Navigation and usability for better user experience,
    • The role of parents and how to get them involved,
    • Plus more.


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    Adam Ware, Bobby Pedersen, Paul Harmon, Paul Millar, Russell Monaghan and Su TEMLETT