How do I use the Terms page in an account?

Terms create a default set of participation start and end dates that apply to any course added to that term. Terms can be added manually or created through SIS imports. Once a user is added to a course, terms set default dates for when users can participate in courses assigned to that term. User participation is limited to published courses.

Canvas always includes a default term, which cannot be removed or renamed.

View a video about Terms.


  • Not all courses within a term conform to the term dates, as course or section start dates may override the term dates. Course or section overrides may be before or after the start of the term.
  • Only admins can view the Terms page in Canvas. Instructors and students cannot view the Terms page, so please ensure users in your institution are aware of term dates for your institution publicly.
  • Terms in consortium accounts are inherited from the parent account. Child consortium accounts cannot view or change terms.

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Terms

Open Terms

In Account Navigation, click the Terms link.

Add Term

To add a new term, click the Add New Term link.

View Terms

The Terms page displays all terms that have been created in your account. Terms can be created manually or via SIS Import.

To search for a term, enter the term name in the Search by term name field [1] and click the Search button [2].

View Term Details

For each term, you can view all the details created in that term.

You can view the name of the term [1], the term SIS ID (if applicable) [2], the grading period set associated with the term (if applicable) [3], and the number of courses within the term [4].

You can also view the term dates [5] and specific user role access dates [6].

View Custom User Dates

If specific user access dates have been added for the term, you can view the dates within each user role.

Note: SIS imports cannot specify specific dates for each user group. Those dates must be changed manually.

Manage Terms

To edit a term, click the Edit icon [1]. To delete a term, click the Delete icon [2].

Note: You cannot delete a term that contains courses.