How do I view and manage grading schemes in an account?

You can view and manage your account's grading schemes, including grading schemes you have created for your account. You can also edit, duplicate, archive, unarchive, and delete grading schemes if necessary.

Any grading schemes created in your account display in sub-accounts.

Open Account

Open Account

Click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Grading

Open Grading

In Account Navigation, click the Grading link.

Open Grading Schemes

Open Grading Schemes

Click the Grading Schemes tab.

View Grading Schemes

The Grading Schemes page shows all grading schemes for your account.

Add New Grading Scheme

Add New Grading Scheme

To add an account grading scheme, click the Add New Grading Scheme button.

Manage Grading Schemes

To search for a grading scheme, enter the name in the Search... field [1].

To open a grading scheme, click the grading scheme's name [2].

To sort grading schemes alphabetically (ascending or descending), click the Arrow icon [3].

To view the locations where the grading scheme is used, click the Show courses and assignments link [4].

To duplicate the grading scheme, click the Duplicate icon [5].

To edit a grading scheme, click the Edit icon [6].

To archive a grading scheme, click the Archive icon [7].

To delete a grading scheme, click the Delete icon [8].

To unarchive and restore a grading scheme, click the Unarchive icon [9].


  • Editing the name and description of grading schemes currently in use does not allow edits to percentages or points in the grading scheme.
  • A grading scheme established at the course level cannot be deleted, archived, or edited at the account level.
  • A grading scheme created at the account level cannot be deleted, archived, or edited at the course level.
  • You can only edit grading schemes that have not been used for grading.
  • If a grading scheme is used to grade a student in a course, you cannot delete the scheme from the account.
  • A grading scheme in use can be archived and then restored to an active state.
  • An archived grading scheme cannot be leveraged in the future by a course or assignment unless the scheme is restored.
  • The default Canvas grading scheme cannot be archived.
  • When copying or exporting a course, archived default grading schemes are not copied or exported.