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Using Zoom to remote proctor an exam

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I've had a case come where an instructor wants to be able to remotely proctor exams for a calculus course.  Being Calculus, it doesn't lend itself so well being an online exam because they need to do things like draw and write things out to solve problems.  These are things that really work best on paper (or computer equipment that most students don't own).  We license Respondus Lockdown Browser with Monitor which will do the proctoring for a Canvas Quiz, but the nature of Lockdown Browser prevents students from uploading an exam file, even when using the File Upload question type in Canvas.  Plus, the instructor really wants real time proctoring to mimic as close as possible how the class has been running.  This isn't an online course; it's a face to face course making teaching adjustments due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

What we came up with is using a combination of Zoom for remote live proctoring of a synchronous exam, combined with a Canvas Quiz to deliver the questions, an app named CamScanner to convert the written answers to PDF and then having students submit the exam using the Canvas Student app.  Below are links to videos showing the initial set up in Zoom and Canvas, and then a 2nd video showing students how to use CamScanner to upload the completed exam.  I'm still polishing the exact process and instruction but I feel like the concept is solid.  Comments and suggestions are welcome and I'll try to get the written instructions added to this post soon.

Proctoring a written Exam using Canvas and Zoom 

Using CamScan to create PDF and Submit to Canvas 



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Hi  @rmurchshafer2 ‌,

I am really appreciating your blog posts!

We are in a similar situation, with Respondus Monitor available, but not always the right tool for the job (to reference your other post).

Our wonderful Distance and Online Education people here at the University of Iowa have these instructions linked at our Keep Teaching at Iowa page.


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Thanks for the post. ¡Good job!

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Good day! I am a medical PGI and I was asked by my medical consultant to make an examination for his class. I would like to know if the Canvas platform can detect screen recordings or any form of video chat (such a Zoom) that may happen during the examination. Thank you!