Changing subaccount in live term/course?

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Does anyone know if we are safe to change the subaccount the course resides in, if the course is in a live active term with students?  Someone forgot to put the course in the correct subaccount and I don't want to risk breaking all the students with any work they did if changing the subaccount will mess things up.

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Yes, you should be able to change the sub-account for a course without any issue from a Canvas perspective.  I recently reworked our sub-account framework and moved whole sub-accounts worth of courses without a problem.

If you want to gain confidence in the process, I  recommend that you take the action in your Test or Beta environment first, and then masquerade as teacher and/or student (if you have that permission) in the course to see if anything is impacted. 

If the course happens to be using an LTI Tool that is only applied to the original sub-account, then that might be one possible impact to check/consider. 

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Along with what Ken mentioned concerning Outcomes possibly breaking, there could also be LTI changes or permissions changes, if the subaccounts have different LTIs installed or permissions for the course-level roles.  In general though, you should be fine.

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