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How to restore Blackboard archives without live instance of BB?

Has anyone found a way to restore Blackboard archives without a live instance of Blackboard? Our Blackboard contract is expiring and we have student submission data in the archives that needs to be retrieved. There is/was a free program called Bfree but it apparently is no longer available for download. Supposedly it allowed you to open an archive and get the data you need. We need to move student submission data to Canvas. Please answer if you have any relevant information. Thank you!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @codone_s , I'm not sure of the answer to your question, but I'm going to share this with the‌ and‌ groups to see if they can offer any suggestions. In addition, have you tried asking your CSM to see if they have any suggestions or recommendations?

I did follow up with our CSM and someone on the migration team. So far I haven't learned of any solutions, but thank you for sharing.

Community Coach
Community Coach

If you find a solution (from your CSM or migration team), please let us know! I'm guessing that there are others who might have the same or similar question!

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Have you considered trying to restore your Bb file in a free Bb account over at It's similar to Instructure's free "light" version of Canvas over at Creating a coursesites account there and creating your first blank course couldn't be easier. It has been years since I've used my coursesites account but when I did I was able to access Export/Import in the course control panel. If you try this route drop me a reply as you're able to let me know if you were able to bring in your Bb course archive into your blank still or if they took that feature away.

~ Todd

We did try to restore an archive into Coursesites but were unsuccessful. We can import a BB export file, but are not able to restore an archived file. Plus, we have several hundred files to restore, so we were hoping to find a solution more amenable to this. If you know any more about Coursesites and multiple courses and archived files, please let me know. Thanks!

I wouldn't know much more than that, plus, since it's a free service I'm not sure how many features or file space it would allow. Have you checked to see if your access to your stg server is available?

We self-host, so we have all our archives.

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You could try the Free Blackboard Developers VM

Some more info here:

Not sure if you have to be a licenced user/school to get access to the download, but it’s a place to start.

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We stumbled upon a script in GitHub, 'bba-scan' that will recompile the grade book in report format. It reassembles the student, grade, assignment submission, and comments. The script is no longer maintained, but it will meet our basic needs for when a grade appeal arises. Hope this helps!