Live Events: Suffering with IDs

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I keep trying to use Live Events, but every time I'm stumped by the fact that the messages don't contain useful identifiers, for example:

I want to know when as assignment is created or updated so that I can get information regarding said assignment and place it into a student's calendar.

If I use Live Events for this, I subscribe to the Assignment Created and Assignment Updated events, then wait for the magic to happen.

I receive a message telling me that an assignment has been created, the message contains the information for the user who created it, the assignment itself and the course within which it was created.

The user does come through with a sis_source_id, huzzah; for the other two though, the course and assignment, all I get is the _id_ and, both of which I can only seem to match up against information I glean from Canvas Data. Canvas Data is at least 48 hours out of date - what use is a "live" event when I can't locate the entity within Canvas before waiting at least 2 days to look it up in a Canvas Data extract?

What I'd really like is an honest Canvas ID for the entities referenced in the Amazon SQS message, or at least maybe the sis_course_id or sis_integration_id, then I could limit my searching through the standard API.

Has anyone solved this?

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