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Online Content Providers and Health course

hi Canvas users. 

For the last several years, we have been using an online content provider called Blended Schools for our 9th grade health course content.  Recently, we lost access to the content at the same time we discovered that Blended Schools had gone under.  

We are looking for other vendors that have a half semester of health (HPE) content who play with Canvas.   Please help.


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 @reynoldsn ‌ - We use a company called Goodheart-Willcox for health content.  Their Canvas integration uses a combination of a cartridge import and an LTI authentication.  We created a Commons course, which the teachers import at the beginning of the term.  This allows the teachers to add additional content to enhance the GW materials if they want.

Hi Kristie, Austin ISD also uses GW and we use the same workflow. Have you guys found an easy way for teachers to convert the GW pages to Canvas assignments? Also, have you created any type of workflow for the supplied QTI files?

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Any updates to this? I am working on the same problem...


Thanks for the info!  I'm going to share with our health instructor who are considering using Canvas.  Thanks again!