Which teacher hasn’t logged into Canvas?

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The question that I am being asked to find:

Which faculty member hasn’t logged into Canvas, yet, for a specific term, whose course is online only?

I have a query that checks the "current_login_at" to see when the last login into Canvas.  However, I discovered one faculty member the date is not valid because the date is the last time the faculty member appears when they used a Desktop Web Browser.  The GUI Page View shows the faculty member has been using Mobile Canvas App ever since.  

What field and table is User's Profile Current Login stored?  Since it appears the pseudonym_dim.current_login_at is not connected to Mobile Canvas App login.

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 @gibbonsd ‌ -  I solved this by connecting the enrollment_dim to the course_dim; the former now has a Last_activity_at field.  When this field is null you know they hadn't accessed the course.  I have a short and sweet logic test to make this human friendly. 

IF (ISNULL([last_activity_at])) THEN 'No Login'
ELSE "Accessed Course"

Voila!  ;o)

This was one of my first reports, so it may be a little dated.  Do you use Tableau? If not, I've pasted the text needed to create sql input int he attached txt file.  Of course you can clean it up to remove unneeded fields.

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