Badge assessments and questions

The Canvas Credentials badge assessment and question extension allows users to directly incorporate rubrics into their badging program. By initially designing the assessment when designing the badge, all issuers will be able to grade badge earners on the same criteria when the badge is awarded.

Enabling the feature

This feature can be enabled at an organization level or issuer level.

To enable on the organization level, edit your organization and select Content settings from the tab options. Scroll down to Badge extensions and check Enable questions and grading. Users also have the option of requiring this on every badge that is created or edited going forward.

To enable or disable the feature on a single issuer, select the issuer you wish to enable the feature on and edit the issuer. Then select Content settings from the tab options and scroll down to Badge extensions. From here, the user can select the toggle button labeled Use settings from organization to use the organization's settings or turn them off and set specialized settings for the individual issuer.

Creating an assessment extension

Once the feature is enabled, users can either select an existing badge or create a new one on which to add an assessment extension. From the create or edit badge pages, select the Assessment extension option from the tabs. Assessments can be as simplistic or complex as the user desires and often form "Assessment trees" that have repeating sections that can be combined in unique patterns. First is the assessment description which describes how assessments will be used in the awarding of the badge.

Next users will create the first assessment which will include a description of what the assessment will be, the type of assessment, any output from it (grade, presentation, etc.) and how it will be evaluated.

Different sections can be added within the assessment to make it more comprehensive. A section is fairly simple and only requires a title. Optional fields include a description, a required checkbox and a customizable rubric.

Each section can also include questions that can help to specify the grading criteria. Questions can take multiple forms and can have optional word and character limits on them. Questions also include an optional rubric like the section rubric.

Sample assessment tree

Assessment Description

Assessment 1

Section 1

Question 1

Section 2

Question 1

Question 2

Assessment 2

Section 1

Advanced options

If users are looking for some additional options to add to their assessments, the Advanced options checkbox on the right menu pane can be enabled. For assessments, there are some additional sections around group participation/evaluation and sample assessments or scoring methods.

Additionally, for questions, users have the option to add additional criteria and reference URLs.