How do I manage group course requirements for Badges in Canvas?

Instructors can award badges automatically based on course requirements within their groups.

Open Setup

Open Setup

In the Group drop-down menu [1], click the Setup link [2].

Manage All Badges

The All Badges tab displays an overview of badges and requirements in a group [1].

To add a badge, click the Add badge button [2].

To manage a group, click the Options icon [3].

To view learner progress, click the View learner progress link [4].

To edit the badge requirements, click the Edit requirements link [5].

To move a badge, click the Move Badge link [6].

To remove a badge, click the Remove badge link [7].

Note: Badges can be automatically awarded based on module completion, assignment grade, and course grade based on all assignments. If you do not see badges awarded based on course grade for students whose course grade meets the badge's requirements, ensure the course grade you view is not based on graded assignments.

Manage Canvas Course Badges

The Canvas course badges tab shows in a table format and displays an overview of badges and requirements in a group [1].

To change a badge for a course item, click the Badge drop-down menu 2].

To update a badge or create a new badge, click the Options icon [3].

To have learners submit evidence for completion, click the Evidence checkbox [4].

To update a requirement for a badge, click the Requirements drop-down menu[5].

To update the percentage details for a badge, enter a percentage in the Detail field [6].

To update the date, click the Add date button [7].

Note: Specific module requirements can be managed within Canvas modules.