How do I share my earned badges from my Canvas Badges Backpack?

In Canvas Badges, you can share individual badges using links, social media, or HTML embed codes. This article outlines how to share a badge using social media.

Note: Earned badges can be printed on paper.

Sign into Canvas Credentials

Sign into your Canvas Badges/Credentials account.

Open Personal Account

Open Personal Account

Click the Select Space drop-down menu [1] and then click the Account link [2].

Open Badge

In the Badges tab [1], click the Share link [2]. 

Open Social

Open Social

Click the Social tab [1].

To share the badge to your LinkedIn profile, click the Add to profile button [2].

To share to your social media feed, click the social media icon you would like to share it with. [3]

Post Badge

Post Badge

Follow the prompts on the social media application you picked to share the badge.


Select HTML

Click the HTML tab [1].

To display your earned badge as a card, click the Card radio button [2].

To display your earned badge as a badge, click the Badge radio button [3].

You can preview your badge [4].

To show your email address, click the Show email address checkbox [5].

To copy an embed code to your earned badge, click the Copy button [6].