How do I verify an earned badge using enables the verification of both badges and their recipients. The verification process for badges is binary, meaning that all data within a badge must pass validation in order for it to be deemed a legitimate Open Badge. This encompasses details regarding the issuer, badge award, and recipient. If any of these elements cannot be verified, the badge will be marked as invalid, regardless of the accuracy of other information contained within it.


In your browser address bar, enter

Validate Information

You can choose to validate a badge by adding a badge URL in the URL field [1] or by uploading an image of the badge using the Choose File button [2].

You can also choose to verify the recipient by their email, URL, telephone or JSON-LD-ID by using the Verify Recipient dropdown menu [3].

Click the Verify button [4].

Validated Badge

A validated badge appears with a green banner along with what is validated.

Unvalidated Badge

An unvalidated badge appears with a red banner along with what is not validated.