Incorporating Lightcast skills in badges

Canvas Badges/Credentials has partnered with Lightcast to display skills that lead to a successful career or promotion directly from your learner's badge award. When you issue badges with a Canvas Credentials issuer, you can now link your badges with skills that connect to job market data when those badges are viewed or shared.

  • The Lightcast skills library describes skills (such as "online teaching"), highlights related skills and lists the top companies that include the skill in their job postings
  • Badging programs can take advantage of this vast skill library to highlight their programs and empower learners in their fields
  • With growing interest in non-degree and skills-focused training programs, this powerful combination of solutions will enable the design of high quality, stackable programs designed to upskill and reskill workers by combining online certificates, industry certifications, apprenticeships and micro-credentials

Why should I include Lightcast skills in my badge?

When you award a badge, recipients will be able to view the specific skill the badge represents. This information will be locked in the badge's metadata.

  • When viewed, the skill will link to a skill page displaying data for the job market for that skill
  • Canvas Credentials organizations in the U.S., U.K., and Canada can take advantage of labor market data provided by Lightcast (see an example here for the skill Leadership)
  • Organizations outside the U.S., U.K., and Canada can choose to link to job market data provided by Indeed in their country

How to add skills to a badge

Enabling the skill option from the organization page

This feature is available to all subscribers of Canvas Credentials. The skill option must be enabled at the organization level to be used when creating or editing badges. To access this, login to Canvas Badges/Credentials, select the Canvas Badges/Credentials logo in the upper left and select your organization from the drop-down menu. Select Edit organization (to learn to do this see Editing your organization page).

  1. From the Edit organization page, select the Content settings tab.
  2. Scroll down until you see the section labeled Badge skill alignments.
  3. Select the option you would like to use from the list.
  4. Click the Save button.
Adding skills to a badge

To learn more about badge creation, see our article on creating badges.

  1. Select the issuer you would like your badge to be awarded from.
  2. Select Create badge or select an existing badge you wish to edit, and select Edit badge.
  3. Complete the required fields ending in Earning criteria.
  4. The next step will be Skills.
  5. Enter the skill(s) you wish to represent with this badge award, such as "Teacher" or "CDL Driver."
  6. You will see suggestions auto-populate based on your entered criteria. Select the most appropriate suggestion to add it to your badge.
  7. Complete the badge creation by selecting Create badge or Save changes.
Viewing skills on the badge's public page
Viewing skills on the badge's public page

On the badges public page, the skills associated with the badge will be displayed in the Skills section. To learn more about badge public pages see: Public pages Selecting one of the skills will open a new tab or webpage displaying data about the skill and jobs related to it. The screenshots below show some example data that may appear when users open a skills link.

Or in regions outside the US, UK and Canada, job data may be linked on