Problems Viewing Student Progress on a Pathway with an Institution Email Change

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Good Afternoon,

As a college, we have started using Canvas Credentials. We began using credential this past Fall. As a college, we adopted a new email domain that we transitioned everyone to at the start of 2024. Everyone's default email in Canvas is now the new email address. We have an instructor who has students that began earning credentials in the fall that are part of a Pathway. As an instructor, she is having trouble being able to see who has earned what badges.

The solution for students is to add both emails to their Canvas Backpack and then they are able to see all their progress.

For the instructor, I have given her access to the Issuer site to be able to see all the students and the badges they have earned. However, she still see's them separated out by the different emails. Does anyone know of a way to fix this?


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Hello @AliciaSwackhame 

I wanted to update you with some new findings and apologies for getting this incorrect as this behavior has been updated!

When a Group is created via the Credentials LTI, name or email changes made to the course roster are synced automatically. When a user's email address is changed, badges awarded to the previous email address are revoked and re-issued to the new email address.

Please see our release notes regarding this update:

Please disregard my previous comment about needing to delete and recreate groups, as this new Roster Sync function has been added to groups as of December 2023.

Hope this helps!

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