Which languages does Canvas support?

Language preferences can be set by the user, the instructor in a specific course, or the admin for the entire account. However, depending on the Canvas area, some language preferences can be overridden.

Language translations are either professionally translated and maintained by Instructure or translated through crowdsourcing. Crowdsourced translations may be incomplete and items that have not been translated will display in English (United States).

If no language is set, Canvas defaults to English (United States).

Supported Languages

Canvas supports the following languages:

  • Arabic (العربية) *
  • Armenian (Հայերեն)#
  • Catalan (Catalá)
  • Danish (Dansk)
  • Dutch (Nederlands)
  • English—Australia
  • English—Canada
  • English—United Kingdom
  • English—United States
  • Finnish (Suomi)
  • French (Français)
  • French—Canadian (Français Canada)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Greek (Ελληνικά)#
  • Haitian Creole (Kreyòl Ayisyen)
  • Hebrew (עִברִית)*#
  • Hungarian (Magyar)#
  • Icelandic (Íslenska)
  • Indonesian
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • Japanese (日本語)
  • Korean (한국말)#
  • Maori (Reo Māori)
  • Malaysian (Bahasa Melayu)
  • Northern Sami (se) #
  • Norwegian—Bokmål (Norsk Bokmål)
  • Norwegian—Nynorsk (Norsk Nynorsk)#
  • Persian / Farsi (فارسی)*#
  • Polish (Polski)
  • Portuguese (Português)
  • Portuguese—Brazil (Português do Brasil)
  • Russian (Pyсский)
  • Simplified Chinese (简体中文)
  • Slovene/Slovenian (Slovenščina)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Swedish (Svenska)
  • Thai (ไทย)
  • Traditional Chinese (繁體中文)
  • Turkish (Türkçe)#
  • Ukrainian (український)#
  • Vietnamese
  • Welsh (Cymraeg)

* These languages support right-to-left interface functionality.

# These languages are translated via crowdsourcing.