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Change Log FAQ

Change Log FAQ


What is the Change Log?

The Change Log includes adjustments to technical documentation as part of each Canvas deploy. Change log documents can be updated at any time.

  • For APIs, Instructure may add, change, and deprecate API elements according to the timelines indicated in the Canvas API Policy page.

What do the heading dates mean in the Change Log?

The heading date indicates the date that a code adjustment mentioned in a change log will be deployed to the production environment. However, included adjustments are available for testing using the Canvas beta environment. 

All API and GraphQL links note the code as available in the beta environment Canvas API documentation.‌

What do the different entries mean in the Change Log?

The Change Log can include four different entries: additions, changes, deprecations, and removals.

  • Additions: An API, endpoint, parameter, or other element has been added to the API, or an element has been added to the Canvas Data schema. Additions do not affect any existing functionality and can be implemented by developers at any time.
  • Changes: An API or schema received a non-functional change such as adding a description to an API, parameter, or endpoint, or revising content to clarify functionality.
  • Deprecations: An API, endpoint, parameter, or value has been deprecated, or an element in the Canvas Data schema has been deprecated. Developers should discontinue use and replace it with new functionality before the removal date, which is included in the notice. Deprecations are also known as breaking changes, which also displayed in the Canvas API Breaking Changes page.
  • Removals:
    • An element that was previously announced as deprecated has been removed (most common entry use)
    • An optional parameter or value has been removed
    • Another type of minor removal has been made that does not affect users for a deprecation announcement per Canvas API Policy

How often is the Change Log updated?

The Change Log for each individual item (REST API, GraphQL, and/or Canvas Data) is updated for any deploy that includes additions, changes, deprecations, or removals. The heading date indicates the date the adjustments will be made in the production environment.

How do I subscribe to the Change Log?

You can subscribe to the entire Change Log section, or you can subscribe to individual change log documents. Learn more about Subscriptions.

How do I find out about breaking platform changes?

Breaking changes are included in an individual Change Log, first as a deprecation and then as a removal. However, you can view all breaking changes in Platform Breaking Changes. You can also subscribe to the breaking changes page.

How do I see past entries to the Change Log?

You can see all previous adjustments in their respective archive on the Change Log Archive document.

What if I need help with APIs?

We have several resources to help you get started! A good place to start is the Canvas Developers user group, full of Canvas advocates who are waiting to help you with your questions.

How do I view the Canvas Data schema?

Canvas Data schema docs and API docs are located inside the Canvas Data Portal. To learn more about the portal, see the Canvas Admin Guide Canvas Data chapter .

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