"Failed to upload thumbnail"?

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I'm getting this message while trying to share a quiz to Commons. I'm using an image I've used many, many times before. Is this a system problem?

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This error message began appearing today whenever I would try to share a quiz created with WileyPLUS (an external tool). I've done exactly the same thing with the same image many times before. The first time it happened today I changed the image file from .PNG to .JPG even though .PNG worked fine in the past. It still gave me the same message: "Failed to upload thumbnail. Please try again." I need to get this resolved so that I can finish setting up my courses.

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Hello  @brian_adams , sfritsche, and  @csteinkoenig ...

I just finished a chat session with Canvas technical support to see if they were aware of this issue.  Level 2 support is aware, and they are investigating the issue that you describe.  If you want to report this yourself to the Canvas help desk folks, you can use my case number as a reference: 05182717.

How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

I hope this helps!

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