Access to class styles of the custom CSS from pages.

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Its seems like TinyMCE its not allowing to some tags, html comments or even using some custom class of a custom CSS to be used. In the preview all generates well but after that, once its published all its gone.

In a custom installation it would be easy to change the TinyMCE config and allow it through. But in your platform all its limited to just the admin menu, and I only have access as teacher.

Is there some kind of new option in admin or how it must to be done? If that its the case please tell me how step by step. Thanks 😉

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If you are trying to use custom CSS classes, then the style for them would need to be defined as part of the theme.  As an instructor you wouldn't have access to this.

The theme is something that would need to be approved and updated by a Canvas Admin with the appropriate permissions.  You would need to check with the admins for your Canvas instance to see if they allow for adding custom CSS class styles to the theme.  This will vary by institution as theme modifications are to be used at their own risk.  How do I upload custom JavaScript and CSS files to an account? 

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