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Hello all,

I'm looking for help with some custom JavaScript on the Admin/Courses page.  We have a large number of courses and we would like to add a direct link to "People" and "Files" as shown in the graphic below to streamline our workflow.

Any thoughts on how I could implement this in our custom JS theme file?

276198_Improved Courses Page.png




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I'm adding both contributions to this reply, so the answer is easy to find at the top.

Both provide the same solution and the user should be able to run either one.

User Script by  @James ‌

James' version of the solution is up on the Canvancement GitHub site: Admin Course Links

It is a user script that should work without modification as a global JavaScript file.

Global - Canvas Theme Editor by carroll-ccsd

My version is also available on Github: ccsd-canvas/admin-course-links

It is intended to be used in the Canvas Theme Editor, along with any other global changes you make there.

Good times!

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