Great API and LTI dev course, but not maintained for a while

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There is a nice course available on API and LTI development:

Brian Whitmer is the teacher in this course and after googling his name I can guess why this course hasn't been updated for a while.

Although I am enthusiastic about this course, I believe it needs more materials to first learn to understand the technology enough to be able do the assignments properly.

Additionally, in the assignments multiple times you are requested to perform some actions which return specific text. This need to be submitted in the assignments. But because the returned text has slightly been changed in the past few years, the submitted answers are marked as incorrect.

My question would be, is it possible to assign one or more teachers to this course and to update the content and assignments? If so, I would definitely recommend this course to the developers at our university.

Kind regards,

Jaap Stelpstra

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