Print Canvas Quizzes UserScript

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Print Canvas Quizzes is a script that will allow a user to print a quiz from the preview page.

  1. Features
    1. Adds a "Print Quiz" button below the question navigation pane
    2. Auto-page break: This will keep all question content on the same page and prevents a page break in the middle of a question
    3. The page is set to zoom to 74% to make it sized appropriately for printing
    4. Hides "This is a preview..." banner
    5. The print dialog will automatically pop-up for the user
    6. Adjusts certain question types for legibility and space efficiency 
      • Multiple Choice: Left aligns choices, all one column
      • Matching: Removes drop-down menu and creates an "answer bank" at the bottom of the question box
      • Multiple Dropdowns: Expands the dropdowns to width and height of content
  2. Limitations
    1. The quiz must be viewed from the "Preview Quiz" page
    2. All questions must be visible on the page, which means the "Show one question at a time" must be unchecked
    3. Currently, the zoom level of the page is not editable by the user, except through the printer dialog window
    4. Not usable in the LTI



If you want to print canvas quizzes, do the following –


Install tampermonkey chrome extension


Then copy/paste or open this link in Chrome

A tampermonkey install page will pop up, click “install”

To Print – make sure “show one question at a time” is Unchecked in quiz settings

Click “Preview” on the quiz page

On the right side, there is now a “Print Quiz” button



If you want to deploy to all staff, copy the script into the custom Javascript folder.


As always, I welcome feedback and improvements. This is something our teachers were absolutely demanding and this was a rudimentary attempt at giving them something usable.




 @G_Petruzella ‌ has created a bookmarklet that also allows for printing quizzes. It was his post that reminded me I needed to share this out!



  Comments from Instructure

With the depreciation of Classic Quizzes in 2024, The Community Team would like to encourage Community Members to explore New Quizzes! Printing is included in the New Quizzes experience: How do I print a quiz in New Quizzes?