Upload custom JavaScript and CSS to Self-hosted Canvas LMS

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Hi everyone,

I am new to Canvas LMS and currently trying to upload custom JavaScript and CSS files to add customized items to the global navigation. Here’s my setup:

  • Environment: Self-hosted Canvas LMS running on a Bitnami image via VirtualBox.
  • Access: Accessing Canvas locally on my machine.
  • Filesglobal-custom-nav-items.js and global-custom-nav-items.css from this Github open source repo

Issue: I have followed the steps to upload CSS and JavaScript files through the theme editor. However, after uploading the files, the customisations do not apply to the theme. I suspect there might be an issue with file accessibility because when I click on 'view file,' it navigates to a link like "https://canvas-local/accounts/1/files/19/download?verifier=KJtoXORLNQBuQxSR9pevfKXj8DoDd9EOJp4HNi5c".
This results in a "This site can’t be reached. canvas-local’s server IP address could not be found" error.


  1. Is there a specific configuration needed for self-hosted Canvas to correctly serve and access these files?
  2. Has anyone encountered similar issues and found a solution?
  3. Any tips on correctly uploading and applying custom JavaScript and CSS files to a self-hosted Canvas LMS?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 😊