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User specific CSS selection to utilize the Dyslexie font

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I just came from a workshop on "Language and Accessibility" (as a follow-upp to a seminar that we had a month ago on the topic - the slides from the seminar are available (in Swedish) from ). One of the issues that came up is providing users with dyslexia with material presented in the Dyslexie font ( Dyslexie Font: The dyslexia font which eases the reading  ). Has anyone looked at being able to set a particular CSS file to be used for the user's Canvas UI based upon a user's profile? I imagine this to be an extension of the fact that the user can choose their UI language (for example, as commonly used here English or Swedish, based upon their user settings (as stored in the user's 'locale' attribute' in the format described in RFC 5646)). One approach would be to encode this desire for a special font in a subtag for the language and another would be to actually add a custom CSS attribute to the user object. Has anyone done anything like this?

Having an attribute that specifies a custom CSS file would probably be cleaner but would require a new field in the object. An interesting side benefit of the having both the ability to specify a custom CSS and font would be that one could have multiple language pages (ala Using tabs for content in three languages: Chip sandbox ) where the user's choice of language would the automatically the selected visible alternative.

Note that in the above when referring to a "custom CSS file" I am thinking in terms of choosing one from a set of files for the site, as opposed to having each user able to upload their own CSS file. 

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