Ability to Sort Notes Column in New Gradebook

We have faculty who use the notes column in the gradebook as a sorting tool for grouping case studies together. Apparently, in the old gradebook, the notes column was sortable. We would like this same functionality to be applied to the new gradebook.


Melissa Rasmussen

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For details, please read through https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-26325-how-do-i-sort-an-individual-assignment-column-in-the-... 

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We used to use this column to note the seat number of students in labs so that we could sort the gradebook by seat number.  We get around that now by creating a faux assignment that doesn't count towards their grade, but that's much less convenient, as students see it in the gradebook and ask what it is, generating more email traffic.  Two notes columns would be excellent - I'd like to use one for group designations/lab seat numbers and another for the names students preferred to be called when those names are not their official Canvas name.

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This is exactly what my ESL faculty are asking for because their students routinely use "US" names in class and on their written assignments. Faculty store these names in the Notes column and used to be able to sort them to make entering grades more streamlined. In the New Gradebook, they are unhappy that they can no longer sort the Notes column. Please add this!

Thank you!


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I would also benefit from 2 Notes columns, and the ability to sort each. I use Canvas to create a "class" that is actually an assignment in one of their other classes. Up to 20 different classes (33 cap) will all be enrolled in this assignment/class. I would love to use the Notes column to mark the faculty for the main course as well as a student number.

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I cant add a vote so please accept my vote for this added feature


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The Gradebook supports the "s" keyboard shortcut to sort the currently selected column, including the Notes column. For details, please read through How do I sort an individual assignment column in the Gradebook? 

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