Access to the STUDENT VIEW on an iPad or other tablet

I can access STUDENT VIEW on the computer, but not on the iPad App. I need to be able to see Student View on the iPad as my district is 1:1 with iPads.

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Community Team
Community Team

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Agreed! Teachers would love an option to toggle to the Student View on an iPad within the app to preview what the student experience looks like on the iOS device.

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Thank you for requesting this James. It would make life a lot easier here at my high school if teachers could see student view on iPads. The desktop/browser student view just doesn't translate for teachers. And for many who aren't comfortable with Canvas or just haven't used it very long, this would be invaluable for them in using this with students.

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I have the same issue using the Canvas App for Android. It would be very helpful to have student view on the mobile apps so we can view the course design from the student perspective and ensure we are providing appropriate instruction.

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Another option would be to have an iPad/mobile emulator of sorts running on the desktop browser as a popup window which would mean you could do some rough testing even if you didn't have a device handy

Community Coach
Community Coach

Admins can already masquerade on the mobile apps, so opening this to different roles to access their Test Student seems possible.

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I do not use the Canvas App on my mobile devices. I access Canvas via a browser. The app is too limited in its functionality.

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Instructure Alumni

This would be a tremendous aid in designing courses for the app.

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This would be a huge help in testing too.

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I'd like to see the student view works for both the tablet devices as well as the mobile phones.

We have staff wanting to try out doing online quiz in class and at the moment, I need to go borrow some people to be added as students to test things out.

Also that won't work for our teaching staff to try and do these themselves either.

So being able to access student view on the apps (regardless of the device) would be great!