Add a term date filter in the 'Copy To' assignments menu

We have been using the new Copy To feature for copying assignments to courses. It would be useful if there was also a filter menu for term dates in the Copy To menu as well as courses. We have multiple versions of the same course with the same name so it can be confusing knowing which one you are copying to as this screen shot shows.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-03-03).

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Allowing a filter of courses or dates in the copy to menu would be helpful.  It is a disaster trying to decide which of the courses with the same course number are the current and active course. 

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I am BEGGING you to change this.  I have 15 courses in my course history all with the same name and CRN, and now they all pop up on the Copy To menu.  I have to copy every single page I post into one of these courses.  Which one? I have no way of knowing so I have to go one at a time trying them all.  Last term at least the current courses were separated out at the top, which made it slightly easier, but it would be even better if the course nicknames we add on the Dashboard transferred over to that menu.  I can't even imagine how this semester will go now that every section I've ever taught of the course pops up in that list and is indistinguishable from all the others.

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I agree!  This makes no sense.  At the very least we should be able to see the term for the course (as we can when we are importing content from a Canvas course), and even more logically we should be able to see the nickname of the course--both when we "copy to" and when we import.  

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I totally agree!  Courses should be organized under a date "filter".  Or, users should be offered the option to only see "favorite" or "active" courses!  Thanks for posting this!  Waiting to see "copy successful" or "copy unsuccessful" creates another step to minimize our efficiency.

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This was reported by several teachers this past weekend, so it seems to have been a recent change for us.    It doesn't make sense to me that the Direct Share copy feature would include the option to copy TO past/concluded courses, especially since concluded courses cannot be edited.  (It does make sense that one could copy content FROM a concluded course, or import FROM a concluded course -- but not TO a concluded course).

Please fix one way or another (either by Term, or simply not including concluded courses.

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I agree with Hildi. Please change it back to open courses only.

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Yes, Hildi!  It would be extremely beneficial for users to have the ability to filter-down the course list.  I know that oftentimes, teachers really need/want the ability to "identify with a glance".  Filtering options would be great.

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Agreed @Hildi_Pardo !

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This would be helpful in all the districts I have ever supported!  Our course names rarely change so our teachers are seeing five years worth of courses ...