Allow individual extension for a student in an assignment

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Individual students often need a few more days to complete an assignment (not a quiz) and currently there is no way to grant individuals extensions to the deadline without affecting the whole class.


We need to be able to select an individual in an assignment and give them an extension of n=X days before their submission gets marked as late.


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Canvas Studio: Differentiated Assignments

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In the Moderate Quiz feature, you can manually unlock a quiz for a student without changing the existing "available until" date for other students.

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Extensions needed for Assignment... not Quiz as it says in the original post.

Thanks anyway.

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Nice, this could be consistent with the Quizzes option.  i.e. "Moderate Assignment" to allow an unlock of the dates for a specific student or students. In the interest of consistency as well, adding Moderate Discussion along with this would even be better Smiley Happy

- Melanie

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Please create the ability for instructors to allow extensions/date changes for submissions of: Assignments, Discussions, Submission, etc.

The main important feature needed is to adjust the due dates for Assignments should be able to be moderated on an individual level (per student).

Quizzes can be 'moderated', where professors can go in and change the due date and time restrictions.

Assignments currently do not have that functionality. I was told that the only way this was possible was to place the group of students or student in a separate course section.

If you get sick, have a procedure, etc and miss a significant portion of school, Canvas does not currently have the ability to adapt to the functionality.

Also, it was not clear but I believe that as of a few months ago, if an Assignment was reopened (which may have been the only way to allow a student to submit it late), then the whole class would be notified which can pose a problem and confusion. (I am not sure if this is still an issue or not). I am a student.

It's also an ADA/accessibility type issue.

In Blackboard, these situations seemed to be less time consuming and was easier on both parties.

Thank You!

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

I'm voting this up; however, I think something like this that will address this very need (and others) is already on the Canvas Roadmap: Canvas Studio: Granular differentiated assignments

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It seems like the granular differentiated assignments would require moving the student to a different section in order to give them an extension. That's not something we would want to do (or allow) given that our section enrollments are tied to our SIS. So I see this as a distinct request.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @tdelillo ​, I'm going to tag Deactivated user about this, because I was under the distinct impression that the new feature, when implemented, would not require creating a new section ("instructors can require sections, individual students, or a combination of both to complete specific assignments")--which, as you so rightly point out, many users are unable to do. Seth, can you clarify this?

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

You're right, stefaniesanders​. Granular Differentiated Assignments will allow extension by individual user (to start with) and by group (later), regardless of section membership.

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Ah, I see. I got hung up on the "by-section" qualifier. Thanks!!

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Presently the only way we have found possible to do this is to create a separate section for the student in question. Having a simple way of giving a student extra time would make the process far easier.