Always allow extra time for specific students (IEP, LEP, etc.)

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I know that we can go to a timed quiz and add on more time.


I would like to allow extra time for specific students not just for certain quizzes, but for ALL timed activities, since this is very often a part of a student's IEP. For example:


Quiz A: 10 minutes

Quiz B: 20 minutes

Quiz C: 15 minutes


Let's say that my IEP student Vernor Learner generally needs 15 extra minutes. I allow him the 15 minutes for ALL timed tasks, so he now gets 25, 35 and 30 minutes total on quizzes A, B and C, respectively. 


This just saves me the time of granting extra time for each task and lets me get it all done at the start of the semester.

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For student users, it would be helpful if the calendar could be printed. Screenshot does not capture full month.

Also, it would be helpful if personally created events could have the option to be manually marked by student as completed, i.e. personal reminders for unposted assignments, study group appointments, due dates, etc.

Thanks for your consideration.

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 @cwendt ​, does this feature idea seem similar to what you are wanting - ? If so, then I'd recommend commenting on why this feature would be so helpful for you and follow it so you can be updated if there is a change in its status.

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 @kona   Yes, it is! Thank you. Too late to vote on it, but perhaps this will get the ball rolling again.

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Community Team


 @kona ​ and  @cwendt 

Thank you for drawing attention to ​which was submitted in a different voting period and received 76 votes.   It was close!  This rekindled idea will open for voting in October.

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Instructure Alumni

This idea is now open for voting. Smiley Happy

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In higher ed, I think the more common scenario is to extend time as a multiplier of the original time.  For example, in a class with quizzes and exams, the students would get 1.5x, 2x, 4x the original time of the test. 

Our most common scenario is double time.

30 minute Quizzes become 60 minute quizzes

120 minute exams become 240 minute exams

In a class with 15 quizzes and 4 exams, this would mean 19 quizzes, which would need to be moderated for each student with accommodations.  We have occasions that an instructor could have 4-5 students with needs for extended time.

So, for our purposes, having an additional x number of minutes would not work.  We have occasions where the faculty push back about extra time because of the additional work required in setting up these tests, and our office has to assist them in setting them up in order to pro. Having a multiplier at the course level would be amazing and make this process much easier for our faculty!

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It looks like you are commenting on an entirely different subject. Have you considered putting this in the discussion area or submitting it as a unique idea?

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In that case, this idea would not work for you. Have you considered submitting your idea, then?

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Joni, see this archived idea.

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There are several similar ideas that have been archived.  Smiley Sad  I'm opening up yet another with links to all of the related ideas.