[Announcements] Start and End Dates

I would like to be able to put an end date on my announcements at the time I create the announcement.  Then, for example, the announcement I make about textbooks at the start of the semester could be hidden within two weeks.  I do not want to have to remember to go back and hide the announcements.

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Voted!  @thjackson , I love this idea and think that it would be great for Announcements to have publishing and Available From/To dates, similar to other Canvas features.

In case you haven't already seen them, here are some currently open ideas about the Announcements feature:

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 @thjackson ‌, I second Rob's comment. I love this idea and know most of my faculty would love it as well.

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Great idea,  @theresajackson7 ‌. The easier it is for us to set-it-and-forget-it when it comes to the mundane adminsitrivia of communicating with students, the more time we will have for focused attention on their immediate and unique needs.

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This would definitely be an improvement.  It would move announcements being more like. . Well, announcements instead of open discussions.

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Just a note to Canvas engineers - this will be really good for students as the announcements page will end up being less cluttered and they will be able to see the forest for the trees.

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Having brought this up last year, it's nice to see there is a renewed interest in it from fellow educators.  I just learned recently that administrators have had this feature for some time:  "open announcement date, close announcement date, and publish/unpublish.  Since the code is already in the system, it needs to be incorporated into instructor websites.

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I think it would be better if any user could dismiss or show any announcement as well as archive it as opposed to start and end dates.  This isn't Blackboard.

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I love this idea for another reason. When I copy a course in to a new semester, I LOVE having all of the prior announcements saved for me to use again. Having open/close dates for student viewing allows my new course to have all announcements NOT viewable to soon. 

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I agree with Brian. I have to course copy over 20 courses for our department each semester. It is so nice to have all the announcements there where I can input the open and close dates. Students stop reading announcements if they see old one's there for awhile. One of the very few features I liked from Blackboard that isn't in Canvas. 

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There are announcements I use for each class and would like for all to remain for next semester.

Also ----- some announcements I only want up for a week or two, then once we're finished discussing the issue, I want it to disappear -- but not be deleted.

Someone mentioned 'Blackboard' which I never used as I've been teaching since only 2010 at VT.  We used 'Scholar' and this open/close feature was great for recurring announcement for future classes.

Can't be that hard.