Auto Save Rubrics or Give Save Warning

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Several times, when grading with a rubric, I find that I have navigated away from the rubric without saving the marks. Is it possible to add a warning that the rubric markings have not been saved when I attempt to navigate away? I believe that sometimes this happens because I added comments at the bottom of the grading page, and only hit that "Submit" button, but not the Save button for the rubric. Perhaps that Submit button could take care of both the rubric and the comments? 

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Thanks for sharing this idea,  @dan_davis ‌. You might also be interested in supporting this related (not identical) idea: 

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I have added my comments to the idea Stephanie suggested, but want to echo here that this must get addressed.  We are losing too much time having to re-compile and re-write custom feedback for students when we accidentally toggle away from the student submission on which we are working. This is SO frustrating!

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Here I am again, just lost more work!

We cannot keep losing work!  We all put valuable time and thought into adding individual feedback in the rubric for our students.  Accidentally hit "submit" instead of "save" (or any number of other things that navigate you away from the speedgrader page you are on) - no warning, no auto-save, our words and time are gone. 


Please get this off of the "Idea" list and on to the "Implemented" list, already!  I am SO frustrated about having to retype my feedback. It is not benefiting the students or the instructors in any way. 


It is so frustrating to have to take critical work time to come here and BEG for this. Please  get this implemented.

Even these comments are being autosaved!

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I strongly agree. Please address this issue. I don't know anything about

coding, but I cannot imagine it is a difficult fix.

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A warning is a good idea!  Your alternative solution to this problem

Perhaps that Submit button could take care of both the rubric and the comments? 

has also been suggested as a separate idea: 

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YES! I practically have bald spots from pulling out my hair after losing cumulative hours of work when this happens. A very slight swipe on the MacBook trackpad can change screens, and with no prompt, all of that careful feedback disappears. I don't get paid enough to keep repeating my work.

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Same. That slight swipe and the whole rubric just whooshes away, along with everything else I wrote...

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Sent over half dozen reports of this occurrences with hour on the phone with support on this subject.  This is truly regrettably fact that Canvas users must grovel to get obvious errors in the system fixed and demeaning to their clientele. 


Multiple of hours work lost, especially during final grading when stress levels are up and the clock is ticking....

Unlike the others, I do understand coding and this "system upgrade" ("bug fix" by any other programmers classification) already exists in the comment box outside of the rubric.  Why this rubric "upgrade" was never completed throughout the speedgrader page when the software was implemented for the comment box outside the rubric is beyond understanding.  

Thank you Daniel for getting traction on this. I've tried multiple times

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This is a must!

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Right on! 'Auto-save' should be standard for *all* editing functions in Canvas. I've been burned many times by the problem identified by the suggester, and it is very frustrating!! Similar problems occur elsewhere in Canvas, such as when editing Quiz questions, editing Assignments, creating an Announcement, etc. Auto-save occurs here in entering Ideas. Why not elsewhere?