[Calendar] Set Assignment Blackout Dates Based on a Course (or Section) Calendar

Problem statement:

Our schedule functions on a six day rotation, so it is sometimes time-consuming for teachers to look up and choose the correct due dates for an assignment (especially if they have multiple sections that meet on different days of the rotation). Add in PD days, holidays, breaks, special schedules, etc and things can get even more complicated. Additionally, different sections of the same class often meet at different times during the day. If a teacher wants an assignment due at the beginning of class, they need to differentiate it for each section.

Proposed solution:

Create a method to load or link a calendar and map your Canvas course to that calendar. Then, based on the calendar, have the assignment due-date selector visually indicate which days the course or section meets. It wouldn't need to blackout the other dates (because having the flexibility is good) but having some sort of indication would be incredibly helpful. Also, create an option for different default times for different sections in the same course.

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