[Canvas Mobile] Offline Access Within the Student App

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Revisiting an idea I submitted previously.


Mark Files and/or Assignments for Offline Access


This feature would have made things much easier for our students and staff during the past three months of virtual learning due to the pandemic restrictions. We had many families with no/slow internet at home who had to visit our schools (outdoor directional APs) to download what was needed to complete work. We were able to find some ways around it using built-in iOS features and the Files app, but the ability to do this within the Canvas (Student) app would have simplified the process and eased some tension for students/parents. Hopefully this will be looked at again at some point going forward.


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This ability would help so many families in our district! 

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Please could this suggestions be moved up the priority list. A LOT of our students only access the LMS on a mobile device and data is expensive, so it's important for them to be able to download content and work offline.

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Yes, offline access is so important for our international student audience, particularly in areas that having rolling blackouts, intermittent internet access, pay-for-data, etc., like the Pacific Islands, Africa, etc. 

We are looking for options now to deliver content and maybe even assessment offline, where students can work offline and only need to sync up once per week or so. 

Please look into this, even if it's just to make the read-only content offline for now. 

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This would be so beneficial for our international students as mentioned in other comments. 


This is a key feature for so many users, please make it a reality!

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Idea is currently in development

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