[Catalog] Automatically Enroll Participants in Programs

We would like the ability to have participants automatically enrolled in Programs once they have paid for the program or enrolled in the Program or once the start date/enroll date hits in Canvas/Catalog instead of having them go to Catalog and select in the Student Dashboard Begin Course as described in this article: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-17460-26051256740

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I agree!! 

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This is a high priority and needed sooner than later!

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Yes, please fix the non-functioning Programs feature! It's clearly been identified as a necessary option to have even been created, but it does not work. There is a high demand and we have definitely lost opportunities due to this feature not working.

Pros to the Program option (if it worked):

- Bundling courses with discount option 

- Streamline registration and enrollment for multiple courses with one transaction

- Incentivize multiple course enrollment

- Less burdensome for students and administrators


The fact that enrollment into an individual course instantly pushes them into Canvas, is exactly what we need for every course tied to a Program. It makes no sense for Programs not to work this way, too. Any other way is confusing to the students and instructors, all of whom expect to be able to navigate their courses and students within Canvas and not dependent on more clicks from Catalog for things to work properly.

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Instructure please do this!!

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The automatic enrollment idea proposed above is the expected behaviour

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I agree with everything @jkayew highlighted. Please, please PLEASE, implement this update! Not having this feature is unnecessarily burdensome for our clients as well. Those on the front lines are forced to explain the limitations of the Program option and are often left with considerable negative feedback from our end users. The Program option should automatically push learners into each Canvas course within the program. The lack of functionality here does not make sense.