[Catalog] Update Enrollment and Completion Date


We would like the ability to correct the enrollment and completion date of students enrollments in Canvas Catalog. Currently, the Catalog API, does not have POST API for us to change the enrollment or completion date, only GET is available. We are interested in getting the POST API to be able to update the enrollment and completion dates. In addition, if there is a way to manually edit the enrollment and completion dates in Canvas Catalog in addition to the excel report that would be great. This would help in case there is a discrepancy with not putting requirements in modules in Canvas and there are issues with the enrollment date. Here is the API:

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This feature is a must have! Thank you for posting.

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Yes Please!

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Agree. This would be a great feature.

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Yes please, this would be a great improvement


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Yes, agree with this request.


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We really need this!

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This would help address some of the recent issues we are seeing with Catalog Analytics not showing a listing as completed (from the subaccount admin perspective), even when it appears complete on the student dashboard. Currently, the only way to fix this is by opening a Canvas case to the engineering team for each student that encounters this issue.

Canvas support indicates there are a variety of reasons the Catalog Analytics can go out of sync with the course completion, but some scenarios/use cases we see this often are: 

1) Student completes a course, then later enrolls in a program that requires the course. Catalog Analytics can only register the program as complete when the required components are completed after enrolling in the program.
2) Student completes a program and its courses, but drops and re-enrolls in one of the program's required courses. Program no longer appears as complete.

We have frequent use cases for case #1, so it would be great to for Catalog Analytics to register completions in a program accordingly, or have a way to fix these completions manually.

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This is a vital issue to resolve! We can't do without it!

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Please, this is important to us! Thanks!