Change the Rubric Back in SpeedGrader

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The "New" Rubric in the Speed Grader view is much larger than it used to be. In order to see the Ratings you have to drag the gray divider bar over making the submission view window smaller. For some of my rubrics that have 4 or 5 ratings, I can drag the divider bar over until it takes up 2/3 of the screen and I still have to scroll side to side in the rubric window to see all of my ratings.  I used to be able to see the entire rubric using no more than half of the screen. This makes it so that my SPEED grader is much slower than it used to be. Can we put it back the way it was???

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Thanks for your patience. Our engineers have deployed a change for rubrics in SpeedGrader as noted in our release notes:  

This change is effective immediately in your production environment.

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Yes, please change the rubric back. The new larger size is slowing down grading due to having to scroll more to see all of the rubric components.

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I absolutely agree that I preferred the older version of rubrics that would adjust the text wrapping in each criterion line to fit the screen. This new version makes it extremely difficult to grade efficiently.  I have even tried using the wide screen on my desktop computer, and it still doesn't fit even a moderately sized rubric.

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Yes, the new way in which the pre-graded rubric is displayed makes it pretty well impossible to view the submitted assignment alongside the rubric for easy grading.  I did notice that after grading/saving the rubric, the text within it does wrap, which is what it used to do while grading!  If the text wrapping can be maintained for the graded/saved rubric display, why can it not be maintained for the pre-graded rubric display?  I used to be able to see an entire rubric within half of my screen while grading, but now the rubric window has to be expanded to more than 2/3 of the screen for me to view a similar rubric.

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I share this sentiment - the new/updated rubric is much too big!

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Please also refer to the October 9, 2018 comment in the ongoing discussion about SpeedGrader and rubric size.


Everyone knows I’m a Canvas Fangirl, but the new rubric is killing my grade time. It use to be a quick click click click and I was done! Now it’s resize, squint (because I can’t see the assignment), scroll (because I have elaborate rubrics that still don’t fit), squint, scroll, repeat... This has drastically increased my grading time. #sadpanda

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This is a big deal. My time is valuable and this new size is costing me many minutes for my daily grading. I want it changed back. Google Classroom is doing better things with exporting grades. Maybe I'll need to quit trying to convert other teachers if this is not as convenient as I have been telling others. 

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The new rubric makes this grading option even less convenient than grading on paper. PLEASE change it back.

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I'm sure many have tried this and know this trick, but for those who may not know, inside any browser if you hold Ctrl and press the minus key it reduces the screen size, if you hold Ctrl and press plus it increases the screen size, and if you hold control and press zero he returns the screen to 100%.  

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That just makes the entire screen larger or smaller, Jeff. This thread is concerned with making the itself rubric smaller.

Yes, CTRL+ or CTRL- is slightly faster than manually dragging the sizing bar and sliding the scroll bars around, but we really, really need a smaller rubric.