[Conversations] Student messaging (inbox) - allow students to message teachers only

Under Permissions, we can prevent students from sending messages to the entire class OR to individual course members. We must have an option to allow students to message their teacher! There needs to be a third option:

1. Conversations - send messages to entire class

2. Conversations - send messages to other course members (students)

3. Conversations - send messages to instructor



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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader consideration, you might want to add your comments to these related conversations:

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I think this might already exist. According to the "Canvas Course Role Permissions" document, if you disable "Conversations - send messages to other course members" for the Student role, "students can still send individual messages to course teachers and course TAs."



I agree. I would be nice if as an instructor we had more control over our students' ability to message one another. Almost like in Zoom where you can change the setting to allow for them to chat with anyone, individuals, or the facilitator. 

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