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In "Edit Assignment", please sort the different due dates.

In a self-pacing class, I’ve created many assignments that are meant to be drafts toward a bigger project, and will frequently bounce the assignment back to the students to work on. Therefore I really appreciate that in Canvas you can specifically give different due dates to individuals.

However, after a while, it gets difficult to keep track of student progress, because these blocks of due dates are listed by the order they were created. Thus something like this:

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 5.28.27 PM.png

It would be great if the block whose due date is Dec 2 would be above the block that's due Dec 3.

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I'd even venture to suggest a different UI for due dates in general:



Why list due dates in blocks that are organized by due dates? That's not how due dates work in a class, especially when instructors have to assign different due dates — due date assignments should be student-centric.

My proposed table layout will take out the extra whitespace between blocks of due dates, making it a lot easier to find a student. e.g.

Everyone else12/6 12/7
[Doe, Jo] [Adams, Bobbie] [Quinn, Mica]12/8  
Chan, Sam12/9  


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