[Courses] Add Crosslisted Information to New Course Search

The new course/people search is pretty nice, however, it still does not show you if a course/section have been combined. It would be nice if there was some indicator of this.


When you combine/crosslist courses what actually moves is the section (which contains all the enrollments). The course itself is left there as an empty shell (unless the teacher added content before realizing that s/he was going to combine sections).


In the Courses & People search, you get a list of courses. A course/section that has been combined will appear in the results and will be listed with zero enrollments. This can be confusing because on appearance it does not say whether the course/section has been combined and that's why it has zero enrollments or if it has zero enrollments because no one has been enrolled.


If you click on the hyperlink course name it will take you to the "empty" course shell and you are left wondering where the users might be. And still, no indication to if a section was even created.


It would be panda awesome if the search had the option to take you to either the "empty" course OR the combine/crosslisted course where the users (for that section) have been moved.


If that is not an option, how about on the sections tab of the combine/crosslisted course it told you where the section had gone?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi cms_hickss

I agree finding sections that have been crosslisted can be a pain for admins, and would like to see this addressed in some way or another.

My thought would be to make it possible to search for sections in addition to courses (either on a new "Sections" menu or within the current courses search).  If this was possible, in addition to some kind of indication where a "home" course's sections have been crosslisted to, that would be huge for admins!


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cms_hickss‌ -- I SO agree with you. Having that designation is one thing I really miss from our previous LMS. It always added a "C" before the new course section number. Made it so easy to scan the list and pick out the combined sections. The only way for us to determine them now is to look for the section with a large number of participants and guess that it's combined.

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Agreed. This option would be " panda awesome !"

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cms_hickss‌ this would be a great feature - thanks for sharing the idea!

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How about leaving a breadcrumb in a "people" area of a Course "X"  that tell me that theses enrollments have been cross-listed with Course "Y"

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I'd like it if this feature would also indicate what the parent course was as well. It will be more useful than just indicating that a course is cross-listed, because even then it might be a pain searching through all the sections to identify which section is cross-listed where (there are sometimes multiple parent sections for a course)

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Please improve search features and Admin search to find cross-listed "parent" courses more easily. 


Currently, the searchability for cross-listed courses falls short. I must already know the accurate name of the parent course or I'm stuck with search returns that display lists of blank, useless child courses.  


Possible solutions:

  • Improve search filters in the Admin search to also return the name of the "parent" master course when I search for a name of "child course" sections hidden within it.


  • Display the name of the "Parent" master course somewhere inside the course settings of the "child" course that is cross-listed.  (Right now, full information is only displayed in the parent, not in the child course.  Not helpful to find the parent!)  Please make it consistent: Since the parent course displays the cross-listed sections within it, then the child course could list the parent somewhere inside.
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I'd like to see a "search by section SIS ID" option in the admin search tool. This would make it easier not only to find cross-listed/multi-section courses, but also find instances in which a section SIS ID is already in use but not crosslisted/combined. Naming conventions for course codes vs. course SIS ID vs. section SIS ID vary widely, so admins need the ability to search by any of these ways.

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I agree with "If that is not an option, how about on the sections tab of the combine/crosslisted course it told you where the section had gone?"

I think it would be great to have the parent/child information in the sections tab. I think it would be helpful to have all cross-listed courses with something like:

Parent/Primary: ENGL101

Child/Secondary: ENGL 102, ENGL 103


Right now it is a little bit of a guessing game to find a child to a cross-listed course. It can be done, but it should be easier than it is. We have also run into issues in the past where someone transposed digits, so I had to guess which combination of numbers the person had probably used before I could fix it. We also had that same person cross-list at a secondary level. Making the "parent" apparent Smiley Wink on cross-listed sections would be very helpful!

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It would be so great if it was very easy to cross-list courses.  If we could just select the classes we wanted to cross-list and click "cross-list" that would help a lot!