[Courses] Make the course list sortable

When you click on Courses and then All Course, Canvas lists them in some random order. As my number of courses builds up over the semesters, with many courses of the same name, I would like to be able to SORT my list of courses by Name, Semester, Recently used, etc.

So... please let us sort these courses so that we can easily find what we are looking for!

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Not just sortable but the course list should be filterable by course name and term as well. This needs to be done ASAP.

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Good luck. I requested this several years ago and Canvas has totally ignored me.

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What a shame, I should have checked out the original timestamp.

That's just pathetic. Canvas is getting millions from all of these universities and it can't bother with implementing a simple feature that most modern websites have had for years.

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Yes, please!!! Also it would be great if we could not sort into a list but also sort into folder or file cabinets.

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Come on, Canvas! Listen to our demands and do what is right! Add a sort/search/filter option to the course listing! Enter the 21st century of web design!

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Your posts remind me of how much I take for granted. I had forgotten how plain the Canvas list was because mine looks like this since July 2019.


I can click on the column heading to sort by that column or type in anything in the boxes and it will filter by that. The problem is that it probably isn't up to accessibility standards and if I was using a keyboard, I wouldn't want to tab through each of those fields to get to the course, but since it's a userscript that adds that functionality, I get to choose to run it for myself rather than forcing it on the entire institution.

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Thank you! Good enough for me!

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Absolutely necessary! I tried renaming my Sandboxes so they'd always appear at the top, but it appears the list isn't even organized alphabetically. I would love a sortable list. 

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Yes, I really need this--the longer I am an online instructor, the more courses appear and the more difficult it is to find anything. I would also like to be able to favorite Past courses, which seems not to be possible.

Another useful feature would be to differentiate between courses in which I am the instructor and courses where I am enrolled (e.g. professional development, shared shells with other instructors, etc.)

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We need to be able to archive sandbox courses and utilize folders for courses.  The list gets SO long and if you have ever had to create sandboxes for others, those are in your list too.  I want to be able to have archives and folders.