[Courses] Make the course list sortable

When you click on Courses and then All Course, Canvas lists them in some random order. As my number of courses builds up over the semesters, with many courses of the same name, I would like to be able to SORT my list of courses by Name, Semester, Recently used, etc.

So... please let us sort these courses so that we can easily find what we are looking for!

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Thanks for the tip on sorting by clicking on the name.  I did not think to do that on that page.  James has another script for sorting where that is what you do.  I just did not think to try it on this one because of the search boxes.


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Omg, if those scripts work, I will dance up and down in joy! And yes, it's crazy that this many people want this feature--need this feature, with hundreds of courses--and don't have it! 

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The Instructor view of "All Courses" archives "Past Enrollments" willy nilly rather than by date.

Many of us teach the same courses each term and over many years, we develop a long list of "Past Enrollments" with the same name. It can be tough to find a specific term's course when there is no date order to the list.

At least provide an option to reorder the list of "Past Enrollments" by "Newest to Oldest."

Thank you.

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Teachers need to be able to easily sort our course lists.  Allow us to create folders!  

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I am not sure if you saw my post on page 4 of the comments -  look for my post near the end of that page - there is a way to at least be able to sort them.  James(the script creator) also talks about it briefly at the top of the page 4 list of comments.

you can type in any part of a course and it pulls them up - it will also sort them date wise I believe.  

Folders may be a nice feature, but having Canvas add in functionality like what James created would be a big help.


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I came here to suggest sorting...it is hardly in the top list of things to do, but it seems like that capability should be relatively easy to implement given it is so such a common feature. The suggestion for folders might even be be a better one. 

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This is needed. I frequently have to refer to the "all courses" list. Each column should be clickable to change the sorting. Sorting by name is occasionally useful, but sorting by "term" is badly needed.

The ability to hide certain courses from this list would also be helpful. I'm sure a lot of faculty end up enrolled in "junk" courses that they can't get rid of.

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Please create an option to SORT courses by term on the "ALL COURSES" page. When navigating through MANY years of the same course taught every semester, it is initially difficult to find the current course! Thank you for considering.

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We should be able to organize our courses to our own schedules instead of it being arranged alphabetically. Like maybe we can have a tab for every day of the week ex. 


* Reading and Writing

* Mathematics


* History

* Values


You know what I mean?

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Creating a sortable list is a standard assignment in high-school-level programming classes.

Would it help if you hired some programmers